Fresno mayor and city council made a proclamation on June 18, declaring it Black Lives Matter Day. Black Lives Matter Day will be annually recognized by the City of Fresno. The day started with a street mural project and concluded with the proclamation. Community volunteers showed up in front of Fresno City Hall to paint the BLM mural on the street.

In a Facebook post, Councilmember Miguel Arias said, “As a Council we must ensure that our actions go beyond proclamations and art work for the community to create lasting policy changes that will benefit our future generations.”

Also on the same day Fresno City Council ban the use of the carotid restraint hold by Fresno police officers. The use of the carotid restraint hold by police officers has been criticized by community activists nationwide.

Unfortunately a few hours after the event was over, several women tried to vandalized the mural. Fresno resident Monica and her husband stopped a group of women from defacing the Black Lives Matter street mural in front of Fresno City Hall.  The women showed up after hours and one was carrying a can of paint. Monica started recording the incident after her husband took away the can of paint from one of the women.