The Fresno's Police Department, Mayor Jerry Dyer, Fresno's Amazon Distribution Center along with other individuals and groups not known for their support of Fresno's LGBTQ+ community made an appearance at the annual Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade in Tower District. We asked our followers on Instagram what their thoughts were about these groups appearance at Pride. We also asked if they feel these individuals and groups have turned a page?

On our Instagram Stories we did a Q&A, asking our followers "What are your thoughts about these groups showing up for Pride?," and received 14 responses while each answer varied, the common sentiment was clear: our followers do not want to see organizations like the Fresno Police Department at Pride. On Instagram Stories our followers can submit their answers anonymously. Below are just a sample of their responses.

Responses from our Q&A.

If you would like to share your thoughts with the organizers of Fresno's Pride parade, you can email

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