This style guide demonstrates the default presentation of elements in this theme. This page can also be used as a blueprint for how to present content within the theme in an effective way.

Color Palette


HEX: #351831
RGB: 53 / 24 / 49



RGB: 246 / 202 / 110



RGB: 232 / 231 / 234


Font Families

Heading Font

Font Family: Avenir Next
Styles: Medium 500, Bold 700

Avenir Next

Body Font

Font Family: Proxima Nova
Styles: Regular 400, Bold 700

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Someone important

Pull Quote

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Ordered List

  1. List Item 1
  2. List Item 2
  3. List Item 3

Unordered List

  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2
  • List Item 3

Table Styles

Table Header 1Table Header 2Table Header 3
Division 1Division 2Division 3
Division 1Division 2Division 3
Division 1Division 2Division 3


standard link

Horizontal Rule