Last week we launched our new educational series about local government featuring Fresno City Council. In this explainer we cover how to get involved. Local government plays a big role in our lives and we want you to have a say in the decisions making person. Links are available below the image gallery.

To view Fresno City Council agendas click here. You can submit a public comment by selecting the "eComment" link located at the end of the row (see image below). Sometimes eComment might not be available until a few days before the council meeting.

Missed a council meeting? You can watch previous council meetings via Community Media Access Collaborative’s website or Facebook page. Meetings are broadcasted live and their recordings available for public viewing. You can also follow FresnoLand, their documenters live Tweet Fresno Council Meetings and do a recap of council meetings.

To find out when Fresno City Council meetings are taking place you can check out our calendar on our website. We try our best to update this calendar every month. Calendar has FUSD board meetings, Board of Supervisors meetings, and Fresno City Council meetings. We also include specific calls to actions on the calendar as well.

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